Teaching Practices


The main purpouse of this activity is to create an innovative initiative which promotes english usage in thework area.
The B1 Project emerged as a messure to encorage Professors and Administrative Leaders from the hihgest english modules to use the second language on a daily basis so they can motivate students and work team to develop communicative skills and also to support their learning English processes.
The activities were relaed to do the following:
1.  Create an English environment in the office / classroom by placing posters around.
2. Visual aids for classes (Data base)
3. Give my students or coworkers a list of vocabulary for daily usage.
4. Publish information about the division in English.
Rafael Ropaín Rodríguez - Marketing Division
Pablo Gerardo Díaz Martínez - Software Development Division
Nina Ferrer Araújo - Law Academic Program
Victor Manuel Valdelamar García - Virtual Education Division
Guiselles Isaura Carrasco Puello - Educational Resources Division
Zuzsanna Vargas Garciane - Library
Gastón Trujillo Pulgar - Systems Academic Program
Ariel Jiménez Jiménez - Petrochemical Alliance And Academic Program
Magally De Ávila Camargo - Reading & Writing Project