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Bahamas Tourist Place


The event was about the promotion of a tourists place such as Bahamas. Students talked about the different activities and services that people have access to. They also compared all the items involved in into the given place.

Bases and Acids Lab

The event was about a Lab bases and acids, It took place at Cedesarrollo Branch from 6 to 7:30pm. Students were in the level 4B. They did an interesting presentation using magic and trick about bases and acids. . The students did the presentation using stands through video and power point slides.

Branch Cedesarrollo.

Engineering Lab Festival

The presentation took place at branch C Zaragocilla. The students level 1A of engineers did a “Engineering Lab Festival”. That talked about basic tools they used on their lab time. Video beam and slides were used to call attention of people around the place.

Marketing Strategies

War of products. Marketing students semester 4th had a very nice presentation using stands and talked about 2 products. They explained the different marketing strategies and choose the best one.

Jamaica Tourist Place

This event was about making description about JAMAICA as a tourist place. The students talked about food, clothes, music, tourit attraction and some cultural important items to know about this city.

Branch España.

War of Products

English Teacher Danny Hernandez. War of products. English level 3B, Students of Bussiness Admnistration were split in 2 groups (Mac Donalds + Cocacola Vs. Burger King + Pepsi) They made short speeches showing the differences between those products according to the prize, taste, combos, image so consumers buy.


Branch España From 6 to 9pm


Film Forum 2015

Branch A
The Film Forum strategy emerged from the need of opening dynamic-bilingual spaces to reflect and discuss academic issues; in this particular opportunity, the topics were related to the set of judicial and non-judicial measures that are implemented in order to redress the legacies of massive human rights abuses in a country during its post-conflict period.

E-Commerce Conference 2015

Branch A
This initiative aimed for giving students the possibility to access both, relevant information about their area of study from an international perspective, and on the other hand, exposure to English usage with academic purposes.
This experience was also thought to enhance and strengthen the confidence, English level and public speech skills of the professors – speaker.

Accounting & Economic Fair 2015

The Accounting and Economic Fair aimed for generating acceptance in the academic community toward English usage as a second language by performing informative presentations related to the most important productive bets of Bolivar.
Business scenarios like tourism, agro-industries, petrochemical and industrial areas were shown.
Students included cultural elements, graphics, costumes, characterization, visual and music which made the event even more colorful and cheerful.

Business Roundtable 2015





Branch A


Students from the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROGRAM developed a Business Roundtable as a measure to simulate a real negotiation process with foreign buyers; they were supposed to sell their products within 8 minutes to English business men.