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Film Forum 2015

Branch A
The Film Forum strategy emerged from the need of opening dynamic-bilingual spaces to reflect and discuss academic issues; in this particular opportunity, the topics were related to the set of judicial and non-judicial measures that are implemented in order to redress the legacies of massive human rights abuses in a country during its post-conflict period.

E-Commerce Conference 2015

Branch A
This initiative aimed for giving students the possibility to access both, relevant information about their area of study from an international perspective, and on the other hand, exposure to English usage with academic purposes.
This experience was also thought to enhance and strengthen the confidence, English level and public speech skills of the professors – speaker.

Accounting & Economic Fair 2015

The Accounting and Economic Fair aimed for generating acceptance in the academic community toward English usage as a second language by performing informative presentations related to the most important productive bets of Bolivar.
Business scenarios like tourism, agro-industries, petrochemical and industrial areas were shown.
Students included cultural elements, graphics, costumes, characterization, visual and music which made the event even more colorful and cheerful.

Business Roundtable 2015





Branch A


Students from the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROGRAM developed a Business Roundtable as a measure to simulate a real negotiation process with foreign buyers; they were supposed to sell their products within 8 minutes to English business men.


Algorithm Fair 2015

The third INSTITUTIONAL FAIR OF INNOVATION ALGORITHM aimed for generating academic spaces where students could present their projects as a product of multiple pedagogical processes where different academic areas were articulated and meaningful learning experiences were developed.
This year, the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ACADEMIC PROGRAM has strategically included BILINGUALISM as a measure to develop competitiveness by preparing students for academic national and international interaction.

Mind Fair 2015

The PSYCHOLOGY ACADEMIC PROGRAM held an event named the MIND FAIR as measure to encourage students go from the theoretical basis to the praxis by implementing games and exercises to challenge the memory.
The initiative was fully developed in English, in public places of branch B during 4 days.
The Coordination of the Institutional Bilingualism Project publicly congratulates Professor Angela Torres Rangel for the effort and commitment toward this activity.
Branch B Cedesarrollo - Zaragocilla.

Bilingualims takes the Cafeteria



The “Bilingualism Takes the Cafeteria” strategy emerged as a measure to promote English language usage through dynamic, enjoyable and cheerful activities.


Together with ESUNIC – The International Campus Organization, a group of 17 English students and professors developed linguistic activities in the Cafeteria of branch B and encourage all the students around the area to study and use this universal language.