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Benefits Of Speaking a Foreign Language


Volunteering students from AIESEC, a conversation was held in the auditorium Augusto Covo. The experiences of our guests were treated by mastering foreign languages ​​in the different countries they visit. What doors have been opened? What opportunities have they had? The attendance to the event was successful with an attendance between 100 and 110 students of different programs as: Law, Industrial Production, Hotel and Tourism, Environmental Engineering, Administration and much more.


Conversatorio Aiesec

During 2 hrs students from Tecnologico and  interns from AISEC share experiences of their time spent in Cartagena and discuss the importance of learning English in a Latin American Country.

Snacks And Food 2016

In the Cafeteria of branch C Comfenalco school - Zaragocilla, students and teacher prepare and present the most representative snacks and food of Colombia.
Students and teacher prepare and present the most representative snacks and food of Colombia and Around the world. Food varies according to the country, that is what teachers Bibsy Herrera, Vladimir Salas and Richard Toro tried to show to our students from Sede C, They took all over the cafeteria and brought all types of food of countries such as Italy, France, United States and of course Colombia.

Halloween Celebrations 2016

Students from different careers did  a presentation about the history of this particular celebration around the world.
Branch B. Cedesarrollo - Zaragocilla

Film Forum 2016

Presentation of a short movie and socialization of the topic through an activity.

Gastronomic Fair 2016-2

In this presentation students show  differents kind of food people use to prepare for Halloween and  Thanksgiving day, we could taste sweet appples, cakes  and candies.  Also a group of students prepared a presentation
about representative food of the United States, such as hot dogs, hamburguers cakes and fruits.

Tecnologico's Got Talent 2016-1

There were amazing show presentations where students and teachers had the opportunity to show their talent though music, dance and acting.

Gastronomic Fair 2016-1



Professors and staff from the institution who were taking english classes held a presentation about different countries food and cultural facts.


The winner of the presentation was conformed by Elvia Alvarez, Marelbis Serrano y Mara Amador. Level B1 guided by the teacher Iris P. Teheran Herazo.

Branch España and Cedesarrollo.



Professors' Final Presentation 2015

Professors from the institution prepare a final presentation of the course level they have been studying during the semester.
Branch A and B.